• I had a fantastic experience working with Dark Studio. Grant and his team are polite, well organized and hard-working professionals. They give you their full attention and creativity. I am grateful for their participation and the results speak for themselves.

    Tochi Osuji | Writer/Director

  • Grant Edmonds is an exceptional mixer, who ranks among Toronto’s very best.  He is a master at using sound to enhance storytelling, and works closely with you to construct a powerful soundtrack for your film.  I know when I take my films to Dark Studio, Grant will always make them better.

    Nadine Pequeneza | HitPlay Productions

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Grant and his talented team from the Dark Studio for the last nine years. Their professionalism, emotional intelligence and vision have contributed to the success of our international series, Close Encounters, Curious and Unusual Deaths and My Wild Affair. They are true collaborators who execute brilliantly and on schedule every time.

    Marlo Miazga | New Road Media

  • " I've been a client of The Dark Studio for over 14 years and have mixed many hours of network TV there. I've always been 100% satisfied with the high quality of the work and the attention to detail that Grant and his team have offered. "

    Allan Novak | AllScreen Entertainment Inc.

  • " I have relied on Grant’s ear, his audio storytelling skills and his impeccable editing ability for more than a decade.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. "

    Dugald Maudsley | Infield Fly Productions

  • " Grant and The Dark Studio team have done a phenomenal job mixing and mastering over 185 episodes of American Pickers.  Besides being a joy to work with, our final mixes always sound super sweet and the services they provide are always of the highest quality. "

    Gina Dimitracopoulos | Cineflix NYC

  • "Thank you so much for the tremendous job you and your team did. There is so much invention and creativity in the audio, it really helps bring the world of the film to life. It truly was a pleasure working with you."

    Robert DeLeskie, Producer

  • " We have worked on a number of projects with Grant and his team at The Dark Studio. We are always pleased with the quality of their work and Grant is a real pleasure to work with. "

    Donna Zuckerbrot | Producer, Reel Time Images